The Dreaded Night !

The dark dreaded night
haunting memory so close.
Ghostly tale; so scary
nightmarish a hap;
I suppose.

In memories still alive,
a palace so deserted.
Not a solitary soul
wandering even remote.
Wondered thou I
no sign of life;
meets the curious eye!

Sudden rumble
gasping the soul aghast.
“No worry, thee”,
Uttered the charming voice
Gowned lady.
Drape as long;
as eyes can last.

Hours so momentous
lasted our countless conversation.
“So admirable, your abode!”,
exclaimed thy soul
with earnest intention.
“You live a life, I envy
“Live life in such privy?”

Busted laugh, a thunderous roar
Out of sight, the lady
all a sudden
with a lightning galore.
Stars shaped in words appeared
twinkling bright.
“I Lived a life…..”
“Lonely though…..I Lived LIFE!!”


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