An avid writer with composition of poems across all genres especially philosophy, psychology, nature, human life etc.
Using “pen and paper” as my weaponry since my school days, my initial works of literature was restricted to Hindi dialect. ‘Better late than never’, one fine sunshine the poet in me turned to English poetry writing truly inspired by the works of Shakespeare, Wordsworth and the likes!! Finally Gujarati poetry (Gujarati -being my mother tongue), the expectations and demand for my literary skills in my ‘home language’ was just a matter of time.
Overall, ‘still growing wings’ in the vast ocean called literature whilst having written / composed (lyrics composition) approximately 500+ poems across different languages and genres.
Sometimes ‘Cheers and Shouts’ from the readers, friends and companions are more worthy than ‘the work’ itself. So keep commenting, liking, talking and of course yes, shouting!!


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